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I am continuously amazed at the depth of the insights that are shared in Rocketlane’s Preflight community. The regular Q&As on the channel and the Implementation Stories are informative, insightful, and practically useful for the community

Aditya Patil

Implementation Manager,

Preflight is a great platform for connecting, helping, and learning from peers. By engaging, I got my thoughts in order around expectation management, firefights, and team orchestration.

Vignesh Ganesan

Press9 Solutions

Our story

Preflight’s story began when an enterprise software founder narrated his journey of initial chaos and the process of maturing onboarding practices. Many SaaS founders, customer success, and onboarding leaders joined this highly engaging session. There were so many questions and sub-topics that we decided to set up a Slack group to continue the discussion.

And so Preflight was born and quickly grew to more than a hundred folks. We’re now on the path to creating more events, resources, and a safe space for leaders and professionals to learn more and develop their careers in customer onboarding, implementation, and professional services. So join us, and let’s learn together!

Balancing human touch and technology

In this session, the panel will discuss the best practices to go live with customers and survey the balance between a quick go-live and a thorough onboarding experience.
Bangaloreans, this is your chance to dive deep into what works best for you.

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The conversation
starts here!

Level up for your professional game

Implementation Stories Ep 20: Scaling Onboarding at Front

Guest: Samantha Wong, Head of Onboarding Products and Services - Front

In our 20th Episode of Implementation Stories- Samantha Wong, Head of Onboarding Programs and Services at Front will walk us through the transformational journey of the onboarding function as they scaled.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  1. Evolution of onboarding at Front
  2. Mistakes and lessons in scaling
  3. Setting your onboarding goals

May 11th
Implementation Stories Ep 20: Scaling Onboarding at Front
10.30pm IST • 10.00am PST • 6.00pm BST

Berlin Office Hours : Driving towards Outcomes for Professional Services & Customer Success teams

Organized by Berlin Cohort Host : Srinivasan Shanker, Director of Customer Onboarding at Freshworks

Guest: Paul Henderson, Director at Outcome Leaders

Join your Berlin Cohort Host, Srinivasan Shanker as he chats with Paul Henderson, author and a global authority on customer outcome programs.

In this session, you'll learn:

  1. The Rule of Six (Decisions, Emotions and Steps)
  2. Focussing on value and outcome (Product outcome and Success outcome)
  3. What are they for the customers
  4. How is it different for PS and CS teams
  5. The outcome lifecycle

May 17th
Berlin Office Hours : Driving towards Outcomes for Professional Services & Customer Success teams
12.00pm EDT • 9.00am PST

UK Office Hours: All About NPS

Organized by UK Cohort Host : James Stuart, Customer Success Manager at hackajob

Guests :

  • Anita Toth, Chief Churn Crusher
  • Steve Bernstein, Principal at Waypoint Group

Retention and renewals on your mind? Net Promoter Score measures the likelihood of new and repeat business and can help you forecast business growth, cash-flow, as well as assess the health of your brand and overall customer satisfaction.

Join us for a no-holds-barred conversation on NPS with James Stuart, the UK Cohort Host,  Anita Toth, the Chief Churn Crusher, and Steve Bernstein, Co-founder of Waypoint and Author of Definitive Book on NPS for B2B.

In this session, you'll learn:

  1. What is NPS?
  2. What questions should you ask on your NPS?
  3. How to use NPS data to understand your customers?

May 18th
UK Office Hours: All About NPS
4.00pm BST • 8.30pm IST